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Meet the Fillagain Mobile App

Welcome the world of refillable products.

The Fillagain mobile app is the heart of refillable products in your life. Discover how it will help you save time keeping your essential products stocked, reduce packaging waste, and save money.


Fillagain Mobile App Details

Fillagain is THE app for refillable product options. On Fillagain, you’ll find refillable products that save you money and save the planet from single-use product container waste. Plus, your refills can be set-up to automatically replenish when you run low. You’ll always have your essential products on hand, and you’ll never have refills piling up with Fillagain. Now that’s convenient.

Fillagain connected smart labels give refillable packaging intelligence to know when your supply is running low. Your connected smart containers will alert your ecommerce retailers when you’re ready for more.

Fillagain makes it easy for you:

  • Browse available refillable product options
  • Link to online retailers to purchase refillable products
  • Connect your smart products to your fillagain app
  • Get refills right when you need them
  • Keep your essentials stocked without having to think about it

Fillagain Mobile App Help

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 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fillagain work?

  • Products that participate in the Fillagain program include a smart label that detects when your product is running low. Subscriptions with your online retailer use this information to send you refills only when you need them. You won’t ever run out of your favorite products again and refills never arrive before they should.

How do I get started?

  • Set up your account in the Fillagain mobile app

  • Enable Bluetooth and Notifications.
What is an automatic refill?
  • An automatic refill is a refill that is ordered for you automatically at your time of need. When your product runs low, your product subscription is triggered to send your next refill just in time.

How do I connect a smart product for the first time?

  • Open app near your product. Press button on product smart label and confirm connection using the status bar in your app.

  • If button is hard to press, use a pen or fingernail.

How do I reconnect a smart product?

  • Check permissions for Fillagain app and always allow.

  • Open app near your product.

  • If button is difficult to press, use a pen or fingernail.

  • The Fillagain app is your connection between your connected smart product and your ecommerce retailer. Check back regularly so we can sync with your replenishment provider.

How do I troubleshoot when the product does not connect?

  • Be sure that Bluetooth and Notifications are enabled for the Fillagain app. You can verify this in your smartphone settings.

  • Did you see the red light when you pressed the button on the label? If the button is difficult to press, use a pen or fingernail until the red light turns on.

  • Did you see the status bar on the app screen when you pressed the button? Follow the steps listed above in "How do I reconnect a smart product?" and monitor the status bar on the app until the connection process is complete.

How do I activate the red light on my product?

  • On some products the button is small and sometimes hard to push. To make the process easier, use the tip of a pen or your fingernail to press the button until you see the red light.

  • If these methods don’t work contact us for assistance.

What does it mean to link with my online retailer?

  • Fillagain will notify your online retailers to alert them when you are running low.

How do I initiate a smart reorder, recurring order, or automatic reorder?

  • Your ecommerce provider can offer you a subscription which facilitates two types of smart reorder options.

    • Select to automatically get a refill sent to you once Fillagain detects you are running low.

    • Select to be notified when Fillagain detects you are running low so that you can approve your next refill purchase.

How do I change my recurring delivery settings or provider?

  • Please make any subscription order changes directly with your online provider(s).

How do I check on my product order status?

  • Please visit your online retailer for tracking details.

How do I recover a password?

How do I shop for more smart products?

  • Use the “Shop” option below in the main navigation

What does the Fillagain icon mean?

  • Refill and reuse. It’s something we can all feel good about.

Can I bring a smart product on a plane?

  • The smart label can be taken into both the passenger and the cargo areas of a plane. Please follow FAA guidelines to determine if the product tagged with a smart label is approved to be taken on a plane.

How can I get more help?

  • Call us at 870-600-3038 for assistance

How do I get my products added to the Fillagain app?